1. Comin' on Home

From the recording Lisa Tui: Live @ Orange Studio

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Comin' on Home

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Writers: LT Jonathan, R Dingwall
Producers: P Rogers, LT Jonathan
Recorded by: P Rogers - Downstairs Studios, Dunedin, New Zealand
Instrumentation: John Sule: Bass
Mixed by: Phil Rogers
Master by: Paul Sammes - Art House Media, Dunedin, New Zealand
Artwork by: Elaina Culbert - The Eight Project Design, Christchurch, New Zealand


Dear Jordan,

Where are you now? It's been 5 longs years since the rubble came smashing down. I know you had to leave the city, it was too hard for your to stay. I'm writing to let you know, there's been so much going on here. The town is getting taller and there's coloured cranes in the air. When you look up there's tattoo'd buildings smiling above your head.

Have you thought about comin' on back, comin' on home? Just packing your bags and coming on home? It's safe enough.

So how's it been at your place? The old house we rent is looking better every day, but in the living room the fireplace has gone. There's a heat pump instead and another one in the hall. But I miss how we used to sit and talk. Keeping warm by the fire at night.

So what's the weather like where you are? Today your sisters playing football in the rain. But the fields where you used to play are gone so we have to drive across town. And the streets are lonely and the trees look lost and the neighbourhood has gone.

Have you thought about comin' on back, comin on home? Packing your bags and coming on home.