Join a Choir for a Night - Singing NZ Music

Join a Choir for a Night - Singing NZ Music


The GREAT NZ Sing In

An excellent opportunity to get out, get involved and sing your heart out without the longterm commitment that comes with joining a choir.

Each night 2 popular NZ songs are taught with the support of song leader Jillie Toogood and musician Gary Easterbrook.  

'I'm on a mission to bring people together to sing and spread the good vibes that singing brings.  The science tells us singing increases 'the angels cocktail' - dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. -It's cheaper than a night out on the drink, a great way to meet nice people and with a bit of practise on the night we may even sound good.'

All welcome bring a love for singing, a love for NZ MUSIC.               $20                BOOK & PAY ONLINE


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