Connecting people through music and voice

Would you like your group to improve its cohesiveness and it's ability to create together? 

Would you like the process of singing in a group to enhance the dynamics of your organisation?
Door Sales on the day

Door Sales on the day




Energise your event with the benefits of making music together, story telling and a short practical introduction to vocal tools that will enhance communicating within your business and customer service.

Teams and Themes

A two hour workshop for your staff to sing and creatively build up a piece of music that involves the novice and the singer in the office who you never knew was so great.  The theme of the workshop is discussed prior to the event to bring out the values and culture of your organisation so that it is inclusive and fun.  Part of this session includes learning how to use your voice in a way that communicates what you mean to express effectively and we will cover vocal health, offering exercises and information to create vocal stamina and brilliance even on the worst of days.

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