I'm so glad you've taken the time to come visit the variety of things that I do and love.


I have been songwriting for some years gently and sometimes painfully writing, performing and releasing songs independently as the opportunities arise.   I've also composed a number of recordings for special events, videos and podcasts. 

The music is created often in response to a mood, the lyric and then a genre.  They are informed by the environments and people around me.  A number of them are driven by my emotional responses to the characters I create or my own experiences.  Each song requires its own musical story so determining the genre I write in is difficult to pin point but to use some words from others I hear that my music is 'old school', jazz like, folky, funky and a little bit country.  Then there are some that are just epic, emotional, beautiful and I would say raw in their delivery.


The Lyttelton Port is a special place only minutes from my home, round a bend, up a hill and through a tunnel.  It's an enchanting and artistic township.  One of Michael J Foxes movies was shot there back in the 1980's, a movie about ghost and goolies, with Peter Jackson directing.   I have loved every creative experience I've had there, from singing in the streets and acting on trailers to concerts and cabarets.  

This song is a love story set at a piano bar, watched by the eyes of the moon and in front the Harbour.  Created by poet Lesley McKay and written for song and performed by myself and Gary Easterbrook.  It was recorded at Orange Studio, June, 2017

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